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Residential Property Management Services- 
MaxWell Preferred Clients Program

MaxWell Direct Realty is your top choice for property management. Our number one priority is your property and your tenants. In an ever-changing world of technology, you need a management company that places all our priority on what matters- accuracy, efficiency and tailored strategic action plans to ensure service quality. You need the right management company to identify, obtain and retain "A" type tenant quality to maintain the rate of wear on your property. You need a management company who will set the standards high for your property and keep it high. You need MaxWell Realty- Where Real Estate Happens™.


Services We Provide:

Tenant screening and placement;
☑ Tenant liaison to the owner;
☑ Full inspection(s);
☑ Vacancy inspections & maintenance coordination for yard care & snow removal;
☑ Full rent collection & receivables handling, including debt collection and enforcement;
☑ Full security deposit handling and quarterly security deposit audit;
Full owner distributions on or before the 20th of each month;
☑ Receive and manage all tenancy matters regarding maintenance and complaints;
☑ Create and monitor an effective yet realistic budget for your property;
☑ Increase and continually monitor tenant quality;
☑ Provide access to monthly / quarterly / annual financial statements;
☑ Annual tenant surveys to assist in our performance standards assessment;
☑ Monitor new and existing service provider contracts in accordance to cost reduction strategy;
☑ Regular fire and critical infrastructure assessments;
☑ Monitor utility consumption and billing (if required).



☑ $500.00/owner retainer required (funds are placed in trust to offset expenses outside of the rent roll period); 
☑ 10% of the rent collected/month - Management Fee; 
☑ $50.00/lease renewal; 
☑ $250.00/lease sign fee for 1 year; 
☑ $50.00/hr - Maintenance-out; 
☑ $40.00/hr - Cleaning; 
☑ Advertising - at direct cost.


For any other questions, please contact David Bauer by e-mail at or call 780-572-0775.

*MaxWell Direct Realty runs under license from MaxWell Realty.