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Multi-Family Property Management Services

MaxWell Direct Realty is a property management firm that offers cost effective solutions designed to meet your buildings tailored needs. We understand that systems and standardization are crucial to creating successful operational systems that work. Our job is to make your investments generate a better rate of return by increasing marketability and continually working on ways to reduce operational expenses. In a world of ever evolving technology, we work to ensure we meet and exceed the safety and security that is required to attract and retain “A” type tenants. At the end of the day your business is our business- With MaxWell Direct Realty you get to have your tenants and your building a part of a culture that promotes development, growth, sustainability and forward thinking. Make the right choice, choose MaxWell Realty- Where Real Estate Happens™


Services We Provide:

Full inspection(s): Daily Vacancy & Boiler/Laundry Inspections;
☑ Full rent collection & receivables handling, including debt collection and enforcement;
☑ Full security deposit handling and Quarterly security deposit audit;
☑ Full owner draws on or before the 15th of each month;
☑ Receive and manage all tenancy matters in regard to maintenance and complaints;
☑ Create and monitor an effective yet realistic budget;
☑ Increase and continually monitor tenant quality;
☑ Provide monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements (Via: Income Statement & Balance Sheet);
☑ Design, Implement and Monitor a “Cost Reduction Strategy” with full accountability from us;
☑ Annual tenant surveys to assist in our performance standards assessment;
☑ Monitor new and existing service provider contracts in accordance to cost reduction strategy;
☑ Regular common security and improvement inspections;
☑ Create and maintain a “Tenant Committee” to get to grass roots stage for security, building improvements and to create and maintain a positive community image;
☑ If required- hire, train, monitor and develop effective and efficient on-site manager;
☑ Ensure buildings meet and exceed all required municipal guidelines.



Building Size Monthly Standard Price per Unit $ On-Site Maintenance On-Suite Common & Suite Cleaning On-Site Manager One Time "Set-Up" Fee
6 to 21 units $50.33 per unit $33.00 per hr + GST $33.00 per hr + GST Not required - Referred to area mgrs. $499.00
22 to 84 units $40.33 per unit $32.00 per hr + GST $32.00 per hr + GST $1,550.00/month - if required P/T $999.00
85+ units $35.33 per unit $31.00 per hr + GST $31.00 per hr + GST Negotiated - based on budget & need $1,499.00

*Prices are fixed with the term of your contract and will not increase more than 3% per year. If you are referred by a MaxWell Realty Brokerage receive your first standard fee waived.


Our Promise:

To communicate effectively and transparently; to manage your investment with integrity and to minimize risks whilst maximizing your investments return with our developed systems and values. It needs to be done the right way - that's The MaxWell Direct Way - that's our promise to you!”


David Bauer
Broker/Senior Regional Property Manager 
MaxWell Direct Realty

For more information or to get started today contact David Bauer at 780-834-6161 or by e-mail at