About David Bauer - Owner/Broker of MaxWell Direct Realty

Get To Know David Bauer - Owner/Broker

David Bauer journey started differently from most other Broker/Owners. Six years ago, he began as a janitor at a property management company. After a few years of hard work, he became a Property Manager Broker. Fast forward to today, he's now the Broker/Owner of MaxWell Direct Realty.   

David opened his MaxWell doors on May 2019. What made him join the Family was the passion he sees in Bill and Bryan, MaxWell’s values that aligned with his and having the community and family is what sold him the most. David also loves the tools on MaxCentral and how phenomenal they are. He knew making this change would make his business stronger. He admits that the biggest challenge in starting this new venture was writing policies and procedures for his business, but has overcome this by consulting with different professionals, his culture (Chipewyan Dene) and elders that are and were entrepreneurs. They assist him in making sure his always guiding his business towards success.

David has simple goals, and that is to get 1,000 properties under his management and have 100 agents under his brokerage by 2022. He also would like to one day expand MaxWell Direct Realty into British Columbia because that is where he will retire right next to the lake and mountains.

Success in his business life is one part of his story; the other part is his personal life. David goes home to his beautiful wife and three amazing kids (3-month-old, 3-year-old, and five years old). He lives in Sturgeon County where he tries to go out on the land as much as possible. He loves to fish, hunt, trap, and pay respects to the earth. David works with First Nation people on writing constitutions and strategic planning and development within their social development groups. In his spare time, he coaches minor league in Morinville and enjoys date nights with my wife (mostly to get away from his kids).

David Bauer is very proud of his achievements and proud to be part of something bigger and better. He loves the idea of growing with a brand that wants every office to be successful; he's happy to be a part of the Maxwell Realty brand and wants to remain with the MaxWell family forever.